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chicken in red mole sauce

I would have to give this an overall 7.
It tastes close to authentic with the chocolatey undertone you expect and love about mole, and the sauce is rich and deep in color. If I were being hyper-critical (which is the point here, right?) .. I would say that it lacks depth. The provided rice makes for a great quick dinner or a decadent lunch for two.
Next time I plan to wrap this up in a tortilla with avocado, cilantro, and fresh diced tomatoes …. hmmmmmm ;}



product: chicken-less mandarin morsels :: trader joe’s


appearance: 9
texture:        6
taste:           9


I used the “pan fry” directions and it came out lightly crispy with a rough baked edge. It could be mistaken for the classic McDonalds chicken nugget any day.

The texture was a bit spongy as Trader Joe’s desperately tried to mimic a “nugget” texture. It could have been bound better with a firmer bite.

The flavor was outstanding. I mean, we are talking about a mandarin flavored morsel. Don’t expect to wow’ed by the extreme quality and complex flavors. Honestly, it is a (meatless) chicken McNugget in a lightly tangy orange-like sauce. Like the classic McDonalds golden nugget, there is little resemblance to actual chicken flavor. (This would pass the husband and child test.)

Home-run in my book.


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