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caramelized onion raviolis (with herb sauce) {vegan}


featured on September 9, 2013
When you first begin cooking, you feel confident and unstoppable. You can make anything at home and serve it to hungry guests or company. You wanted to cook, therefore, it can be made. By you, the new chef and cook extraordinaire.
I certainly went into cooking with the same vivacious attitude of thinking I could produce anything I set my mind to.
Until that one night. The night of The Laughing Ravioli.
It was cold outside with and empty inside my stomach.
I google’d: Ravioli recipe.
Yeah, that would be nice. A fluffy, warm-filled pasta with some type of sauce.
A recipe, similar to this one, popped up. Almost instantly my enthusiasm ‘balloon’ popped.
Like helium quickly escaping, thoughts began rushing out…
How many ingredients?
A rolling pin? (That’s the wooden thing with the spinning handles …  yeah?)
A floured surface? Shit. How do you flour a surface? (side google search: flouring surfaces)
How long does this take?
MAKING MY OWN DOUGH? Do people REALLY do that?
Next came the denial and excuses:
I am not a chef … chefs ‘do’ these kind of things.
I didn’t even WANT to make raviolis.
Yeah, what was I thinking …
Who even likes raviolis?
Not me.
In the end settling on the most firm and resolute finding:
Raviolis are stupid. And gross. But more stupid.
With my quickly deflating confidence, I seized the fleeting moments ‘afloat’ to salvage my cooking courage.
Closing the computer window and grabbing the nearest bag of pasta, I decided that it was a much better dinner idea and HAD I thought about it for longer initially – I wouldn’t have even wanted raviolis. Because they are stupid, remember?
And gross.
But mostly stupid.
Now without the glaring evidence of a complicated recipe illustrating my inability and illuminating my defeat, I could begin boiling the WAY BETTER CHOICE, penne pasta.
In the silence of the night, stirring boiling water (for no apparent reason) I could have sworn I heard a chuckle.
Did the computer just laugh at me?
Was the ravioli taunting my from cyberspace?
Did I just boil pasta in defeat?
I was a giver-upper and I knew it.

Well guess what ravioli?
Look who’s laughing now.
‘Look at them (these) apples’
Or raviolis. Whatever.

Now it’s your turn friends.
Start making your grocery list. Breathe. Conquer. Divide (onto plates).
It’s ravioli time.
2 cups        semolina flour
2 cups        all-purpose flour
1.5 cup(s)   water
                  salt to taste
1 cup          raw almonds
1 cup          raw pine nuts
2 tbsp         raw walnut
1/2 cup      vegetable broth
1/4 tsp       salt
1/4 tbsp     pepper
1                yellow onion, diced
1 tbsp         olive oil
1/2 tbsp      sugar
{herbed sauce}
2 cups         vegetable broth
2 tbsp         fresh sage, finely chopped
2 tbsp         fresh rosemary, finely chopped
2 tbsp         fresh parsley, finely chopped
3 tbsp         olive oil
1 tbsp         corn starch
Ravioli preparation (which is much easier than I assumed):
Combine ravioli ingredients in bowl, adding only 3/4 the water to start
Mix completely in bowl with water (possibly adding more) until a smooth dough is achieved
On floured and large surface, place ball of dough
Using an (also) floured rolling pin, begin aggressively rolling the dough flat
If the dough should stick to the pin, first make sure it is sufficiently floured or simply peel off and place on surface gently and continue to roll.
(Mine were a bit thick and I plan on cutting the thickness in half next time)
Using a sharp knife, cut desired ravioli size – keeping in mind that there needs to be room for filling
(I imagined a tablespoon of filling and gave myself fifty percent more space along the edge)
Also, know that there must be two squares for each ravioli – one for the bottom and another for the top
Filling preparation:
In medium pan, add oil and cook onions on medium-low heat to caramelize – or brown {if you’re lazy} at a higher temperature
Add sugar and two drops of water to expedite the caramelizing process
In food processor, combine remaining (first six) filling ingredients and process until a cream is achieved
Depending on the freshness and quality of the nuts used, more or less liquid may be used to create a paste-like texture
Herb sauce preparation:
Simmer broth, herbs, and oil for 1 -2 minutes until fragrant
Slowly, Add corn starch and whisk into boiling water
Continue to simmer for an additional minute
Remove from heat and cover to keep warm
Assemble ravioli(s):
First spoon on cream/ nut mixture in middle of ravioli square, leaving enough room to seal edges
Add caramelized onions
Top ravioli with another (ravioli) dough square and press edges until seal is formed
Fingerprints will disrupt the square shape, simply cut the edges (once sealed) to create a hard line again
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil
Add raviolis and cook until each one floats to the top
Remove and drain
For crispy raviolis, heat oil in large pan
Add raviolis and cook until golden on each side
Serve hot from pan pouring herbed sauce over the top.

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4 thoughts on “caramelized onion raviolis (with herb sauce) {vegan}

  1. I’m definitely making this! Gorgeous photos and recipes :)

  2. Omg – these look amazing!!!! Celeste :)

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