no milk monday

product: chicken-less mandarin morsels :: trader joe’s



appearance: 9
texture:        6
taste:           9


I used the “pan fry” directions and it came out lightly crispy with a rough baked edge. It could be mistaken for the classic McDonalds chicken nugget any day.

The texture was a bit spongy as Trader Joe’s desperately tried to mimic a “nugget” texture. It could have been bound better with a firmer bite.

The flavor was outstanding. I mean, we are talking about a mandarin flavored morsel. Don’t expect to wow’ed by the extreme quality and complex flavors. Honestly, it is a (meatless) chicken McNugget in a lightly tangy orange-like sauce. Like the classic McDonalds golden nugget, there is little resemblance to actual chicken flavor. (This would pass the husband and child test.)

Home-run in my book.

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Author: nomilkmonday


2 thoughts on “product: chicken-less mandarin morsels :: trader joe’s

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